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E. Buyukkaya, M. Abdallah, and R. Cavagna. VoroGame: A hybrid  P2P Architecture for Massively Multiplayer Games. CCNC'09, January 10-13, 2009, Las Vegas, USA.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) architectures have recently become very popular in massively multiplayer games (MMGs). While P2P gaming offers high scalability compared to client/server architectures, it introduces several major issues related to data distribution and game state consistency. In this paper, we report our initial version of VoroGame, a P2P architecture for MMGs that addresses these issues by combining a structured P2P overlay based on a distributed hash table (DHT) for data distribution, with a Voronoi diagram used for virtual game world decomposition and semantic overlay support. The resulting hybrid architecture enables a fully distributed management of data and state information, and ensures efficient dissemination of game state updates to relevant peers.

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